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MDAs a Managing Director, Mr Malik brings over 10 years of experience in education, administrative expertise and enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship. It is his firm’s commitment to differentiated education and his respectful guidance that will continue to result in successful learning experiences for the student. The teaching – learning technique in the institute is mainly based on Arise, Aware and stop not till the goal is reached. His aim is to prepare young minds to be dynamic, confident and self reliant individuals, so that they are all set to explore, enquire and “think out of the box”. “If Columbus had turned back after 65 days of sailing on the uncharted seas, no one could have blamed him. But then, no one could have remembered him either!” we are our voyage.

We shall inculcate the true innovative spirit of Columbus. This is Powerof2’s first innovative step in our journey to promote education at all levels. We believe firmly that we can strive to create a future worth remembering because powerof2 does not have a history of conquest but a voyage of personal quest… It is well said “To know oneself is journey, to master oneself destination” We are sure with the blessings of all Gods known to humanity and with the continuous support of powerof2 family, we shall have a safe voyage towards quest for wisdom. Truly yours in the cause of education.