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As Director of power of 2, Mrs Batra’s passion for learning has flourished and she has found that her commitment to excellent education is both enduring and substantive. The opportunity to shape the minds of the students and providing them with the means of attaining knowledge is a divine blessing and we are fortunate to have been ordained with it. We are committed to the philosophy that each member of the institute, community must get the opportunity for reaching his potential, for enhancing self esteem and for becoming a successful part of demanding, changing and challenging society.

The methodology developed by us and which is followed in our classroom programs lays emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of mathematics and on sharpening their analytic skills and parallel thinking processes, so that they become capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts. We welcome you to powerof2, to a world of learning, to a world where every student is challenged to grow to his or her potential.